38 Blue Tulips Hand Bouquet

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38 Blue Tulips Hand Bouquet
38 Blue Tulips Hand Bouquet. Note : - Kindly order 3 Days in Advance - Blue Tulips are traditionally created by dyeing white Tulips - Color of Tulips may be lighter or darker depend on the shipment - They grow more than an inch within A day, And they bend. Gracefully, they twist and turn, That is their special charm. - Pls do not order Tulips if you don't like the way it grow. 1) Unlike other cut flowers, tulips will continue to grow taller ( up to an inch or more ) toward the sunlight and bright lighting. Due to the dual effects of continuing stem growth and the gentle pull of light and gravity on the flower head, this cause the stems to bend, twist and turn into new positions day by day, the bouquet or arrangement may be out of shape. 2) Besides, the tulips is come from cold country and cannot handle much heat, so place it in an area that doesn't get too hot and sunny. Otherwise, the tulips will wilt in the heat.
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