Chinese New Year Hamper CY027

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Chinese New Year Hamper CY027
1) Louis Chevallier XO - French Brandy 70cl 2) Australian Red Wine 750ML 3) Brand’s bird nest with rock sugar 42ml x 3 - Halal 4 ) New Moon Premium New Zealand Abalone 425G 5) Superior Buddha Jump Over the wall 400g 6) Skylight claypot style sharkfin 420g 7) Peanut Bars 90g 8) Fruits & Vegetable chip 70g 9) Daiana Rainbow peanut Choco 90g x2packet 10) Old English Éclair Creamy & Tasty 90g 11) Black Rice chip Spicy Flovor 100g 12) Salted Peanuts 90g 13) Chinese New Year Decoration With Artificial Cherry Blossom 14) Basket NOTE: Due to inconsistent market conditions, we might replace any items with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability without prior notice.
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